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I combine old-school know-how with the latest in electronic formats and editing techniques to give you the most accurate, thorough, reliable and affordable copy editing and proofreading as well as for creative and effective copywriting. Whether you're working on your fiction/non-fiction manuscript or your company's latest annual report and marketing materials, email me today to see how Amy Thompson Editing can help you make your work shine.
Amy Thompson Editing ® Council Bluffs, Iowa  (402) 660-7109                                 Located in the Omaha Metro Area - Available to assist clients nationwide.
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"I wanted to take this opportunity to express how thankful I am to you. This experience has been an awesome learning curve for me. As such, I am humbled. It is an honor to be in the presence of people who dream big. I look forward to a continued partnership with you all. I truly treasure our connection."

     - Vladimire Calixte, Author
       "Naked & Transparent: Six           Vital Tools for Knowing               Yourself"
"All writing is storytelling and your favorite story is your own. I can help you write and polish that story so that it becomes someone else's favorite as well."   - Amy Thompson
Whether you need EDITING, PROOFREADING, or ORIGINAL COPY, Amy Thompson Editing has the experience you need to help ensure that ...