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About Amy Thompson Editing
Welcome! Please ... have a seat, enjoy your coffee or tea and know that you're in good hands with Amy Thompson Editing. 

You've worked hard, sweated over every sentence and paragraph and created work that you can be proud of. With the skills and experience that I can bring to your project, you can feel confident that those final details will be put in place.

Whether you need a simple proofread, a developmental edit or a piece of original copy, it is my goal to help you polish your project into something that shines through the murk and clutter.

I'm old-school when it comes to the quality of my work, but I love the new bells and whistles that are available when it comes to electronic proofreading and editing. I'm just as comfortable with a hard-copy manuscript and my trusty green pen as I am using Word's Track Changes.

Located in the Omaha Metropolitan Area, I am available online to assist clients nationwide. Contact me for a free project consultation and quote.

I am a word-smith. I love the written word and the flow of thoughts and images that can be shared ... words that can bring me to laughter and tears and words that can share information, teach me something and make me think. I also love making sure that others' thoughts and ideas are communicated in the best way possible -- that the idea and the story doesn't get lost in the minutia of misplaced commas and run-on sentences. 

I have spent years writing, editing and proofreading -- mostly through employers and for those who felt they needed Amy's extra touch. When it was suggested that my skills and experience should be taken to the next level of making it a business, Amy Thompson Editing was born.

I am a wife, a mom of three, a daughter and a sister. These people, big and small, are my influences, my support system and my inspiration.

"I've worked with Amy for more than 20 years. During that time she has written, proofread and edited multiple projects for me including grant submissions, reports and media copy. She also wrote and designed our first annual report. I knew that, with her thoroughness and professionalism, I could be confident that outgoing items were accurate, engaging and complete.”

  - Robert G. Storey, M.S.
  Former Nonprofit Executive
"I've been involved in many business ventures -- from real estate to communications to home medical equipment. At each stop along the way, Amy has been there to help with writing, designing and editing materials for me. I would recommend her highly."

   - Colleen Brabec, 
     President/Owner, Mobilis, Inc.