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Information for New and/or Self-Publishing Authors
Have you spent months and maybe even years writing, sweating, losing sleep and even bleeding for your manuscript?

Have you had your writer's group, alphas, betas, mom, mom's second cousin, and hairdresser review your manuscript several times each?

Have you lost track of what was original, what was a change you weren't sure about, or your eyes are crossing trying to make sure your work is the best it can be?

Are you thinking that you're not quite sure if you need JUST ONE MORE pass to make sure you've got it?

INTRODUCING FLAT-RATE EDITING for new and self-publishing authors!

        * 3 Editing Levels at one low, simple price to help you feel confident that your manuscript is in it's best possible shape.

                    - Line Editing
                    - Copy Editing
                    - Developmental Editing

        * Easy payment plans available to get you started as soon as possible.

        * Want a little more help? Affordable hourly rates are available for add-on services.

        * I do have favorite genres just like everyone else, but I'm always happy to try something new! What do  I like? 

                Romance Genres:     Paranormal, Sci-Fi, MC, Dark Mafia, Gay/Lesbian/RH
                Erotica:                    Power Exchange, BDSM, Alternative Lifestyle, MM, MMF, FFM

For more information or for inquiries, please use the button to your left to email me!

 (Please note: Although some sub-genres deal with themes that are dark and disturbing to some but not to me, I do reserve the right to refuse service to authors who delve into topics that offend even me. Thank you for understanding.)

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