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​Copy Editing

In addition to the above proofreading services, copy editing will include attention to grammar, style components, syntax, and structure. I will also flag and comment on items that may require your attention.
Amy Thompson Editing Services
Each writer and business has unique needs. Through establishing a partnership with Amy Thompson Editing, we can develop your project and make it shine. The following services are available:
Line Editing 

Generally aimed towards projects that have already been copyedited. Online or hard-copy line editing will focus on the correction of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and spacing. I am experienced with the Chicago Manual of StyleThe AP Stylebook, or I can insure that your Internal Style and structure is maintained. 

Substantive/Developmental Copy Editing

This option will provide an additional focus on word choices and wordiness, transitions between paragraphs, rephrasing awkward passages and reducing cliches and redundancies to improve clarity and readability. I will also comment on structural issues and inconsistencies that may be found within the project, character and plot development, and supplying or describing needed copy.
Original Copy

The ability to clearly and concisely present your information in an engaging manner that will draw others to your business, website, or event. Copywriting services are available upon consultation. 
To discuss your project and/or receive more information, contact me today either through the link above or by emailing me at  Please include your full name and contact information. 

If you can write it--I can edit it. 
If you need it written--I can write it. 

   Fiction / Non-Fiction / Self-Help
   Web Copy
    Company Documents & Reports
   Flyers & Brochures
   Grant Applications
   Classroom Materials
   College & Grad School Applications
   Essays & Papers (Note: Proof- 
      reading and copyediting only.) 
"...the web team LOVED that you put your changes in Word with Track Changes. Said it’s the best they’ve had yet!"
                          - Envoy Inc.

(Note: Amy Thompson Editing can edit documents in Word with Track Changes, .pdf's in Adobe or can work with you in whichever format works best for you!)